Red Phone: New directional signs are nice

Red Phone

“Dear Red Phone, Hello, I’ve noticed those new directional signs around Gilroy. I think they are really helpful for visitors. I was just wondering how many more signs they are going to put up.”
Red Phone: The city has just a few more signs to put up and is almost finished with the project, according to Mike Lozano, an employee with Republic ITS, who has been contracting with the city to place the signs. The city began adding the signs in February 2010 at strategic locations to direct visitors to local attractions like shopping, wineries and parks. There were 105 signs scheduled to be added. On Monday, Lozano installed a sign on the corner of Chestnut and 10th streets that had a round City of Gilroy logo with arrows to shopping and the auto mall. He said he will be installing signs on the corner of Church and Sixth streets and on the corner of Church and Seventh streets.

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