Lewis: Playing the odds on the golf course

Bruce Lewis

The only way to continue to improve your putting game is to focus on putting at different distances and levels.

The best way to do that is incrementally. To start putt five golf balls starting a foot away from a cup. When you do this keep track of how many you make. Afterward, do the same drill from two, three, four and 10 feet away. Doing so will not only improve your overall putting but the amount of putts made will tell you how you must be to the hole to be successful.

Generally, the closer you are to the hole, the better chance you have to make a putt. For me, I will take an average putter from three feet away over a good putter from 10 feet any day.

This drill will show the best putting distance for your game. With this information, you’ll know how close you need to be from the hole to lower your score.

If you need help with your distance control, contact one of your local teaching professionals.

Find your Best Chipping Iron

I have a drill for you to find the best chipping iron for your golf game.

Assuming you do not have a bunker or mound to chip over, the iron that hits at same distance with the same sized swing is the best for your.

To find this out, go to a local practice green and putt from the edge of the green into several holes.

Next, chip from the same spot to the same holes using your putter swing. I recommend starting with an 8-iron and changing to a 7 or 9-iron until you match the distance of your putts.

Some golfers find they match up best with a 6-iron. If you need more help with finding the best chipping club for you, check with your local PGA teaching professional. We would love to help you.

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