South Valley Middle School pool on Council agenda

Locals cheer after Suzanne Rodriguez finishes speaking to the

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Council will discuss the cost to make repairs at the struggling South Valley Middle School swimming pool, after receiving a detailed report from City staff that analyzes just how much the repairs would cost.

Staff reports that “immediate and required” repairs would cost $447,600, and that “optional” repairs to increase energy efficiency would tack on another $33,000. Staff also reports that the yearly cost to maintain the pool is $141,250, which includes utilities, chemicals and supplies and staffing.

The total fiscal impact to the City to fix the pool and maintain it for one year would be $621,850.

Council will decide Monday night if that price tag is worth saving the pool at SVMS.

In July, on a narrow 4-3 vote, Council decided to keep the idea of saving the pool afloat after months of heated debate. Council ordered staff to prepare a detailed cost analysis of pool repairs that night to see if they could accomodate the pool into next year’s budget.

Also on Monday’s agenda:

Council will vote to adopt an ordinance that awards a developer, Tom Quaglia, with a zoning exemption to build 60 duet homes on the Westside of Monterey near Tenth Street and Luchessa Avenue.

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