RECREATION: Four teams tied for first place

Those Guys (2-0) moved into a four-team tie atop the Men’s Winter Softball League standings Thursday at Las Animas Park with a 3-2 edging of the Players-HD Auto Glass.
Tyler Maslanka hit two home runs for Those Guys. The Players-HD Auto Glass pulled into a 2-2 tie in the fourth inning when Gary Diaz singled, Henry Quistian tripled and Joe Ojeda provided a sacrifice fly. Marc Vegas went 2-for-3 and scored one run for Those Guys.
The Borrachos (2-0) turned back the Loco Boys 14-9 as John Gonzalez and Pablo Perez each collected a double and two singles.
Ralph Ortez homered and Marco Lopez delivered three hits and scored three runs for the Loco Boys. Juan Arias went 4-for-4.
North Bound (2-0) shook off a 7-0 deficit in the first inning and topped Trevino Brothers Construction 16-9. North Bound posted nine runs in the sixth inning, keyed by a double and single from Jade Garcia. Danny Pequeno drilled a triple, double and single. Ed Lujan tripled and singled for Trevino.

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