Lewis: Warm up before taking the course

Bruce Lewis

Are you one of those golfers sliding into the parking lot sideways, trying to put on golf shoes at stop signs, and running to the first tee as your group is teeing off?

If you are, it is safe to say you probably do not usually score well on the first three holes.

Not only will your swing tempo be as fast as your driving, but you never warmed up.

Every time before you step to the first hole, take the time to loosen your golf swing and putting stroke. It’s vital to a good round

Coming into the winter months, it is even more important to warm up before teeing off. Take some range balls and plenty of practice swings to loosen up those golf muscles before going out on the course. Taking those extra few minutes to warm up will improve your score.

Two Hole-in-Ones

Bob Bowman aced the eighth hole on the Diablo Course and Jim De La Pena aced hole No. 12 on the Gabilan Course at Ridgemark in the recent weeks. Jon Souza, Bob Fink and John Ceglia witnessed Bowman’s 122-yard shot. Dave Tomlinson, Lee Hachinski and Paul Huse witnessed De La Pena’s 190-yard hole-in-one.  


Sandbaggers are golfers with much higher handicaps than their normal level of play.

We all have career rounds where our scores are lower than ever before, but not on a regular basis.

Part of this great game is having the opportunity to compete with others of the same playing ability. Some golfers just play better during competition than during their normal rounds. Part of the reason is that most tournaments are scheduled during prime times with nice weather and good course conditions.

If you play better during tournaments and your fellow players are starting to complain – and even stopped inviting you to play – you should establish a handicap for tournaments only.

If you are a sandbagger, though, knock it off. You may find success against the other competition, but doing so will frustrate others around you.

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