Get your golashes, it’s going to rain


South County residents, prepare to take shelter from the severe bouts of rain that will be hitting the region starting Tuesday night.

The warm storm is blowing in from the Pacific Ocean, and will strike Gilroy and Morgan Hill with heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. After a respite on Thursday, another wave of rain is expected on Friday and Saturday, according to Bob Benjamin with the National Weather Service.

South County is expected to get four to six inches of rain, causing small streams in the area to flood, Benjamin said.

“If you live near any of the small streams that feed down from the mountains, you might keep an eye on them to see what is going on,” he said.

The rain could also create some “treacherous” driving conditions, Benjamin said, and by the weekend, mountain roads such as Hecker Pass could be plagued with rock and mudslides.

The storm won’t be too cold. Temperatures are expected to linger in the mid 50s during the day. Moderate winds are also expected, so Benjamin warned residents to retrieve any loose objects in their yards.