Two pit bulls go on animal killing spree Tuesday

This is not the pit bull involved in the recent attacks. This is a file photo.  Recent attacks have put the pit bull breed and its temperament in question.

Two pit bulls went on an animal killing spree at 1:10 p.m. Nov. 27, when the dogs found their way into the backyard of a home located on the 7500 block of Rosanna Street. The pit bulls killed the resident’s dog, wandered into the street, killed a cat and attacked another dog. 

Gilroy Police responded to the scene and found the two dogs attacking their second canine victim near the 7500 block of Rosanna Street. Officers shot the two pit bulls with a tranquilizer dart and took them to the Gilroy Police Department kennel, according to Sgt. Daniel Castaneda. The victim dog was rushed to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

The owner of the two aggressive dogs signed over the canines, who were immediately euthanized. 

Castaneda said that the investigation over the incident is ongoing, but that police have not arrested the owner of the attacking dogs.

Police confirm this pit bull attack is not related to the Nov. 10 incident when a ferocious pit bull pushed its way into a home on the corner of Fifth and Rosanna Streets, killing a small poodle. The dog of that attack has not been located by police. 

This recent case has been forwarded to the GPD’s animal control department to determine if they will press charges against the owner of the aggressive dogs. 

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