Letter to readers from the publisher

Anthony Allegretti

Dear Readers, Beginning Dec. 1, subscribers to the print edition of the newspaper will continue to enjoy free access to the fresh daily news on our website. Non-subscribers, however, will be invited to either purchase a digital-only subscription for $22 per quarter or a print subscription for $65 annually which comes with free access to the web and mobile applications.

In addition to local news and commentary, print edition subscribers receive local business ads and ad inserts from all the leading retailers in the market.

If you are a current subscriber and have not already sent us your email address, please do so immediately so we can enter it into your profile for website access. Please send your email address to our circulation manager, Walt Glines, at [email protected]

Gathering the news has never been free, though for years our industry has made it seem so with unpaid access to the news on the web. Trained journalists with college degrees, photographers with expertise, advertising sales personnel, page and web designers and editors all work hard to deliver a comprehensive community local news product.

Beginning with the Dec. 7, 2012 edition, your paper will be delivered to you on Friday only. You will either receive it in the mail via the U.S. Postal Service or it will be delivered to your front porch by our delivery agent.

Our decision to charge for news content is not an epiphany. As electronic readership has grown, the reality is that our time, energy and expense is devoted nearly equally between the print and the electronic editions.

We appreciate our loyal readers and pledge to continue our commitment to providing a comprehensive quality local news product that Gilroy can be proud of. We invite your feedback as we move forward through this transition.

Have a happy holiday season.


Anthony Allegretti,

CEO and Publisher

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