Community Pulse: Are you concerned about the ‘fiscal cliff’?

Are you concerned about the ‘fiscal cliff’? 

  • I have confidence in our president. I am concerned though about cooperation from certain Congressional members. I truly believe the 1% should pay their fair share. I agree with Warren Buffet that those earning over $1 million annual personal income should pay 30% like the rest of us do.
  • Yes, very concerned. They must strike a balance between cuts in spending and some additional tax revenues.
  • No, not  concerned at all. Fiscal Cliff is a media generated term to shock the public. The debt level has been raised multiple times by Congress to allow federal spending far beyond what any responsible entity would allow. It is a sickness and, in order to pretend this illness does not exist, they talk of raising revenue (taxes) to balance the spending.  We continue to spend without cuts. We continue to sell our debt via U.S. Treasuries to countries, which makes us be holding to them, thus weaker. Voters, by their action in November, don’t feel this sickness needs to be addressed. They are satisfied with the status quo. Therefore I must be, too. So I’m not concerned, and as a retired person on fixed income I’ll watch as it plays out. That said the concern every Californian should have is what the voters unleashed in November. Raises in income and sales tax is just the beginning of a run away government. Our state voted to give the Assembly and the Senate two-thirds majority to one party. This gives them the ability to raise any taxes they wish without public consent or pass any law they so desire without our say.  Watch for the coming changes to Proposition 13.
  • Yes. It is time for the government to act and to represent the people who elected them and stop playing at politics.
  • No. I am really tired of the “sky is falling” marketing campaigns by our government. I am sure I will be paying more in taxes but I have given up all hope that calmer heads will prevail and will just keep working hard every day to do my best.
  • I am very concerned. I don’t want to drive over that cliff. I hope and pray that common sense and concern for the good of the country will soften ideology and allow collaboration and compromise. If they can’t get it  together, both parties will suffer and the country – the 99% – will suffer way more so. n Very concerned that Washington still can’t put the people first and leave their egos at the door, but, I am somewhat encouraged that there is some bi-partisanship at work. The “cliff” will likely be avoided at the very last minute but at what hidden costs? Washington is sick and broken and I don’t see a doctor in the White House.
  • Yes. Like lemmings to the sea, so goes the mindless bipartisan horde.
  • We should ALL be concerned we’re marching towards the edge together!
  • Yes, the continued wanton spending by the Democrats has our country in a philosophical pickle. Until we cut spending on government programs, the debate will become more and more polarizing and less productive.
  • Absolutely. This situation would affect all of Americans, personally and in their businesses. Our leaders must come to a consensus that will be best for all.

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