Letter: It’s Christmas and Republicans are holding us hostage

Dear Editor,
It’s Christmas time and the Republicans are holding us hostage again. Both parties agree that taxes should stay low for the bottom 98% of Americans, but rather than pass that tax cut the Republicans are holding us hostage in order to get a tax cut for Wall Street. Wall Streeters created this recession and they aren’t job creators. Wall Street is little more than the world’s largest casino where the super rich go to gamble and the rest of us have to cover their losses when they blow it. Taxing the rich is good for the economy and is good for America. I’m tired of being a Republican hostage and we won this election and we’re going to get our way.
Since we are facing the “fiscal cliff” that Congress artificially created the debate is about what is and what isn’t on the table. There are some things that can be done to make a deal happen and give both sides some political cover. For example, it’s time for Obama to cave in on the Keystone Pipeline. This pipeline isn’t something that he’s really against and it’s just moving oil around so it’s really not a bad thing. But the Republicans have artificially elevated its importance and if Obama gives in it will give them an artificial ego boost as well as creating a lot of jobs.
During the elections Romney suggested the idea of caps on deductions limiting how much billionaires can write off. Sounds good to me.
Marc Perkel, Gilroy

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