Saint Louise switches to electronic medical records

Saint Louise Regional Hospital

Saint Louise Regional Hospital has moved into using an electronic medical record system so its patients can have quick and secure access to their medical data. 

The new system, Accessible Real Time Clinical Information System, allows doctors to access medical histories, medications and test results online, and makes it easier for providers to communicate with patients sooner than a physical doctor’s office visit. 

“Our transition to the electronic medical record combines the best of the old and new,” said Joanne Allen, CEO of Saint Louise. “It is advanced technology supporting our mission and tradition of providing quality care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit.”

 The implementation of the electronic system has taken 18 months of collaboration from many different hospital departments, according to a press release from Saint Louise. 

Allen also said that the electronic system will cut back on paperwork and costs. 

Saint Louise is a nonprofit, 93-bed hospital located at 9400 No Name Uno Road. 


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