Give an ergonomic gift this holiday

This holiday season, show you care with special gifts that can keep family and friends healthy and happy.
Here is a list of favorite ergonomic gift items. While I don’t normally endorse manufacturers, in some cases I’ve named brands that have appealing features. Keep in mind that other manufacturers may make comparable products.
• Oxo measuring cups have an angled surface that lets you read measurement markings from above instead of from the side. This is in addition to an easy-to-grip handle.
• An adjustable document or book holder prevents neck pain by supporting papers, books, e-readers etc. at a comfortable reading angle.
• The Good Grips long-handled shoehorn helps you put on your shoes without bending over.
• Jar openers range from multi-purpose flat rubber discs to handheld toothed models, to automatic opening machines. All of them can help you avoid heavy gripping and twisting.
• Ergonomic gardening tools can keep the gardener on your gift list from hurting. Look for weeders and trowels with curved, easy-grip handles that don’t put direct pressure into the palm; adjustable spray nozzles that can keep the water on without prolonged squeezing; and a gardening cart that keeps tools handy and easy to transport while possibly doubling as a stool (make sure it’s sturdy).
• For your favorite handyperson, look for an ergonomic hammer that sports an easy-grip, angled handle that helps keep the wrist straight. Ergonomic pliers and other tools have broader and/or non-skid handles that make gripping and squeezing easier.
• A stylus for a smartphone or tablet can reduce strain on the thumbs, wrists and hands while improving accuracy.
Make your list, check it twice and add yourself to it. And have yourself a happy, healthy holiday season.

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