“Now it’s someone else’s turn”

Al Pinheiro delivers his last speech as Gilroy's mayor during a special ceremony Friday at City Hall.

In the midst of all the shoulder patting, thanking, well wishes and congratulating that transpired at the City Council chambers Friday night as the public officially welcomed Don Gage as their new mayor, retiring Councilman Bob Dillon’s parting words put it best. 

“Now it’s someone else’s turn,” Dillon said. 

The chambers were packed with more than 100 people who showed up to thank outgoing Mayor Al Pinheiro for his service and to watch Gage take his newly elected seat. 

In a slideshow presentation, Pinheiro lead the audience through some of the things that Council accomplished during his tenure. He also presented plaques to individual staff members, thanking them for their hard work behind the scenes. 

“This is the final goodbye. See you around,” Pinheiro said in closing, pounding his gavel for the last time as mayor. The audience stood when he finished, giving him a long round of applause. 

Gage then took his seat and raised his right hand, joined by Councilman Perry Woodward and Councilwoman Cat Tucker who were re-elected along with newcomer Councilwoman Terri Aulman, swearing to serve and protect the Gilroy community to the best of their abilities. 

With the speeches and parting wishes of Pinheiro and Dillon behind him, Gage addressed the audience from his new seat more than an hour into the meeting. He kept his words short.

“A public servant should be a public servant,” he said. “If you have issues, I want you to call this Council. We’re going to make sure that everybody in the community gets what they feel they deserve.”

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