Red phone: Worried about Rancho Drive development

New homes could soon occupy this space along Rancho Hills

Dear red phone:

“I’d like to make a comment about the developer to build 68 homes. I want to know why in the heck they’d have a 5-0 vote to build 68 more homes. We’re already getting overcrowded here and what are those 68 other homes going to do? There’s nothing to do around here, the people who already live here have nothing to do. And you’re going to bring 68 more people? You’re going to be crying about crime. That’s what brings more crime. Bring more people. We don’t have any jobs around here, but yet they want to build 68 more damn homes? NO MORE HOMES! Build entertainment, movie theaters, something. No more homes, we don’t want anymore people here. It’s already too crowded.”

Red Phone:

Though there have been very few homes built in Gilroy in the last five years, Red Phone understands your sentiment. Hopefully, under our new mayor and City Council a process that defines a vision for Gilroy will be undertaken. Better traffic circulation, which really compounds the sense of crowding, is needed, particularly around Gilroy’s schools. A large movie complex by the outlets, or a miniature golf course and arcade would be wonderful. While we’re wishing, how about a minor league baseball park to take advantage of our warm summer evenings? Honestly, there are plenty more approved homes in the pipeline that have not been built, so hold on and keep up the dialogue – we’re going to grow, but growing right is another matter altogether.

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