Community Pulse: Should Santa Clara County Supervisor George Shirakawa resign?

Should Santa Clara County Supervisor George Shirakawa resign?

  • Yes. Given the amounts and chronic abuse, it is certainly appropriate for him to resign. New Years is approaching … out with the old in with the new!
  • The supervisor seems to have cooked himself up a hot kettle of fish. I think the honorable thing to do is turn in all his county-paid stuff and at least go on leave until he’s charged or not. He needs to publicly announce a repayment plan, as many of his dinner partners have, and certainly if he is charged, he should resign. If he’s exonerated in court, he could run again. He seems to have forgotten that he is steward of our tax dollars, not an honored guest on our tab.
  • Yes, resign. People in these positions know better than to deceive the public, but continue to try. Go Away Shirakawa.
  • No. The press exposing him and his disservice in office should make him think as to why he wanted this position to begin with, and his purpose of serving the public. If he does think about this, he might do the right thing but only he can decide.
  • YES. Absolutely. Our government representatives should be held to the highest standards and in Shirakawa’s case there is clearly a serious breach of ethics and perhaps more importantly the law. No question – he should step down immediately.
  • Yes. His disregard for the county taxpayers and his selfish, self-centered, fat cat politician attitude needs to go. He obviously feels entitled to perks far beyond allowable. It’s time for him to stop riding on the coattails of his deceased, highly respected and beloved father and face his own wrong doing.
  • Yes. This is a prime example of politics gone wrong and people not really caring. n Yes, he has abused the taxpayer’s trust and pocketbook!
  • No, don’t think he should have to resign at this time.  We are all human and make mistakes and if we rectify them, we should take that into consideration. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty!
  • It’s shameful how he treated the taxpayers of this county. He should resign.

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