Letter: Are we going to continue to accept ‘base hypocrisy’ in government transportation?

Dear Editor,
An infamous series of bills enacted by the government, known to history as the “Intolerable Acts,” and described by Jefferson as “a long train of abuses and usurpations,” is being repeated today by hypocrites in our local government. Our ancestors had the courage to throw off the oppression. The question is: Do we accept what Lincoln called “base hypocrisy” in our government?
 This generation’s version of Intolerable Acts is inflicted by an oppressive government with history’s example of Lenin’s success story for his country, USSR. All George III had for guidance was William Bradford’s decision in 1621, switching “Plimoth Plantation” from socialism to capitalism. This generation’s leaders have no excuse – history will rightly condemn them.
The San Benito County Grand Jury should indict local unelected, unaccountable, non-transparent, illegal and unconstitutional joint power authority directors of the Council of Governments, not civilly as their counterparts at the Santa Clara County  Grand Jury did the Valley Transportation Authority, but criminally, like the Bell City Council members.
First and foremost for the arrogance and ignorance of violating our fundamental constitutional right of democratic representation. Our Founders’ philosophy, our federal and state constitutions, are premised on the concept of consent of the governed. Without consent, the hypocrites at COG-VTA-TAMC-SCCRTC-etc., etc., all joint power authorities, lack lawful jurisdiction. Like the Virginia State Supreme Court held in striking-down all theirs, ours here are equally flawed, and only defended by empire builders protecting special interests like public sector unions. And, as held, their taxes, fees and bonds are null and void.
The civil and constitutional rights of three county districts’ citizens have been, and are presently, violated by COG’s arrogant, unaccountable, deceitful, illegal and unconstitutional directors, safe beyond recall remedies because they’re never elected to the JPAs. And JPAs like COG are stand-alone, independent and separate governmental bodies, not subject to the to BOS. Only the BOS has all five county districts’ citizens’ mandate to govern.
Joseph P. Thompson, Gilroy

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