Youth Swimming: Gators set 13 personal records in San Jose

A Gilroy Gators swimmer competes during the team's meet in San Jose Saturday.

SAN JOSE — This group of Gators continues to break records.
The Gilroy Gators broke 13 personal records at the 2013 PC QSS SCY Novice Tournament Saturday in San Jose.
Three Gilroy swimmers set multiple personal records at the race. Cassidy Foster, 10, picked up two new records and two top 10 finishes at the same time. She swam the 100-meter individual meledy in 1:22.15 for second place and the 50M butterfly in 39.57 for ninth place. Madison Foster also set two new personal records at the tournament. Madison, 12, finished the 500M freestyle in 6:41.33 and the 50M fly in 38.38. Diana Gordon, 10, PR’d in the 50M breaststroke in a time of 47.27, good for 10th place, and the 50M fly (38.25) which was good for fifth place.
Cassidy’s lowest place of the day was fifth — a 1:31.81 time in the 100M free. She took third in both in the 50M free (33.17) and the 200M IM (2:56.16). Madison also swam the 50M breast in a time of 41.61, good for 20th place.
Paula Brunido, swimming in the 15-16 girls race, took first in the 100M fly to set a new personal record of 1:05.42. She also took first in the 100M free (1:00.55) and the 100M back (1:10.86). Maria Higginbottem, 13, also took first and PR’d in the 50M free race in a time of 26.52. She also took first in both the 200M free (2:08.98) and 100 M breast (1:17.52) as well as the 400M IM in 5:07.94. Justin Hernandez took fifth in the 200M IM race in the 13-14 boys age group to set a new personal record of 2:30.78.
Amy Tupper, swimming in the 8U group, set a new personal record in the 25M backstroke in a time of 22.18 which was good for first place. Daniel Escamilla, 11, swam the 50M back in a time of 40.25 for a new personal best. Emiliano Grieco, a 10U swimmer, swam the 100M free in 1:13.79 which was good for second place. Natalie Ohlson,10, PR’d in the 200M free (2:51.81).
Tupper also swam 50M back in a time of 46.80 which was good for first, the 25M freestyle (17.27, sixth), 100M free (1:31.79, seventh), 200M free (3:21.94, sixth), 25M breaststroke (26.19, ninth) and the 100M individual medely (1:50.90, 13th). She took seventh in the 50M free in a time of 39.57 and 14th and 15th, respectively, in the 25M fly (23.24) and 50M breast (1:02.91). Grieco competed in the 50M breast (46.25), the 50M fly (37.84) and the 100M IM (1:24.06). Escamilla swam the 100M free with a time of 1:14.82 which was good for 23rd place.

8 and under
Troy Dawson25-meter backstroke: 28.53, 23rd, PR; 25M freestyle: 25.77, 31st; 25M breaststroke: 41.56; 25M butterfly: 34.64, 23rd.
Valentina Grieco50M free: 42.33, 11th, PR; 25M free: 19.64, 13th; 25M back: 24:49, 12th; 25M breast: 37.93, 33rd; 25M fly: 33.66, 34th; 100M individual medley: 2:11.78, 21st.
Meggan Maggiora25M free: 28.03, 45th, PR; 50M free: 1:05.13, 38th
Leilani Ragsdale25M free: 20.20, 21st, PR; 25M breast: DQ

10 and under
Emiliano Grieco — 100M free: 1:13.79 (new GG record), 2nd; 50M breast: 46.25, 8th, PR; 50M fly: 37.84, 4th, PR; 100M IM: 1:24.06, 4th, PR; 50M free: 33.69, 6th; 200M free: 2:40.85, 5th; 50M back: 40.81, 9th; 200 IM: 3:04.12, 6th
Cullen Kurzenknabe — 50M breast: 48.18, 14th, PR; 200M IM: 2:58.67, 2nd, PR; 50M free: 35.36, 13th; 100M free: 1:20.81, 16th; 50M back: 44.26, 23rd; 50M fly: 38.62, 6th; 100M IM: 1:29.90, 14th 
Andrew Sullivan — 100M free: 1:16.19, 7th, PR; 50M back: 42.41, 12th, PR; 50M free: 34.04, 8th; 200M free: 2:50.00, 10th; 50M breast: 51.16, 16th
Rylee Carter — 50M free: 41.39, 41st; 50M breast: 55.06, 36th
Cassidy Foster — 100M IM: 1:22.15 (new GG record), 2nd; 50M fly: 39.57 (new GG record), 9th; 50M free: 33.17, 3rd, PR; 100M free: 1:13.81, 5th, PR; 200M IM: 2:56.16, 3rd, PR
Diana Gordon — 50M breast: 47.27 (new GG record), 10th; 50M fly (new GG record), 16th; 200M free: 2:44.40, 5th; 500M free: 7:13.65, 4th; 50M back: 39.94, 4th; 100M IM: 1:27.55, 11th; 200M IM: 3:09.81, 7th
Ashlee Kiner —50M free: 37.40, 28th, PR; 50M back: 47.92, 43rd, PR; 100M IM: 1:42.25, 36th, PR; 100M free: 1:26.91, 34th; 200M free: 3:05.42, 18th; 50M breast: 53.37, 29th
Ashley Maggiora —50M free: 47.28, 55th; 50M breast: 1:02.93, 50th
Natalie Ohlson —200M free: 2:51.81 (new GG record), 10th; 50M free: 36.75, 22nd, PR; 50M breast: 48.25, 13th, PR
Mia Schlapfer — 50M fly: 56.03, 51st, PR; 100M IM: 1:48.21, 52nd; 100M free: 1:41.46, 56th; 50M back: 48.35, 46th


Daniel Escamilla — 50M back: 40.25 (new GG record), 14th; 100M free: 1:14.82, 23rd, PR
Melissa Escamilla — 100M free: 1:10.56, 13th, PR; 200M IM: 2:47.82, 11th, PR; 50M free: 32.05, 24th; 50M back: 37.62, 19th; 50M breast: 39.52, 9th; 100M IM: 1:18.39, 13th
Madison Foster — 500M free: 6:41.33 (new GG record), 8th; 50M fly: 38.38 (new GG record), 31st; 50M breast: 41.61, 20th, PR; 50M free: 32.95, 27th; 200M free: 2:36.15, 17th; 50M back: 37.85, 20th; 100M IM: 1:21.13, 23rd; 200M IM: 2:57.30,15th
Kaylee Kiner — 50M free: 35.49, 43rd, PR; 200M free: 2:45.39, 22nd, PR; 50M back: 41.23, 33rd, PR; 50M fly: 38.90, 33rd, PR; 100M IM: 1:23.28, 29th, PR; 200M IM: 3:02.09, 16th, PR; 50M breast: 40.47, 16th; 100M free: 1:18.35, 30th
Chloe Kurzenknabe — 50M free: 30.86, 17th; 100M free: 1:09.80, 16th; 200M free: 2:49.61, 13th; 50M back: 39.24, 22nd; 50M breast: 39.30, 6th; 50M fly, 32.14, 1st; 100M IM: 1:19.36, 17th; 200M IM: 2:49.61, 13th

Justin Hernandez — 200M IM: 2:30.78 (new GG record), 5th; 500M free: 5:48.54, 3rd, PR; 100M back: 1:13.79, 10th
Maria Higginbotham — 50M free: 26.52 (new GG record), 1st; 200M free: 2:08.98, 1st, PR; 100M breast: 1:17.52, 1st, PR; 400M IM: 5:07.94, 1st (1st)
Katelyn Brolin — 50M free: 29.20, 10th; 200M free: 2:18.82, 9th; 100M breast, 1:27.21, 15th; 400M IM, 5:38.26, 4th
Rachel Carnell — 100M free: 1:02.44, 5th; 100M fly: 1:10.86, 6th; 200M IM: 2:34.79, 7th

Paula Brunido100M fly: 1:05.42 (new GG record), 1st; 100 free: 1:00.55, 1st; 100M back: 1:10.86, 1st

Corey Latham — 50M free: 27.11, 1st; 100M free: 58.47, 1st; 200M free: 2:10.17, 1st

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