Gilroy Public Library mural tour to be held

A view of the north entrance to the Gilroy Library. Members of the Public Arts Committee will meet April 30 to discus phase one of the library's first outdoor art mural project.

Gilroy Public Library-goers may get an eyeful of art before hushing into six-inch voices— not before the city’s public art officials get a good look.
Phase one of Gilroy Public Library’s first outdoor art mural project will soon get a 360-degree tour from city public art officials on April 30 when the Gilroy Public Art Committee is scheduled to examine the site and pinpoint the where it may be installed during a special meeting.
“You could have a (wall) that is blank; or you could have a one that is useful and colorful, motivating and inspiring,” said Gilroy Recreation Department Director Maria De Leon.
The goal of the mural—the first-of-its-kind for the library—is to promote promote public art in public places, she said.
The meeting-tour will offer committee members the chance to view the site in person and evaluate the mural wall dimensions—whether it’s the full wall or a portion of it. The exact location of the mural has yet to be determined. Final design would require formal approval by the city, according to De Leon.
No city funding is involved, and efforts are afoot to capture private monetary backing for the project. A request for proposal for the mural work will be issued at a future date to be decided, according to De Leon.
“We’re really excited about what muralists might submit,” she said.
A subcommittee convened in the past to discuss themes, which included a “Book of Learning” for the total wall using famous literacy reading quotes, according to past minutes. Ideas are only in their infancy, however, said Public Art Committee Chairman Bruce Morasca.
According to Morasca, fundraising has been the biggest challenge so far. The committee has raised roughly $6,000 for the first of the three-phased project. An estimated $12,000 to $15,000 is needed to complete the mural project, he said, adding that it’s still in its infancy.
“The Public Art Committee is really trying to beautify the city—we’re basically lacking funds to do that,” Morasca said.
Morasca said he is working to promote public art in Gilroy by participating in the city’s General Plan update process.
“Anything to have the arts in the city if a major asset in Gilroy,” he said.
Committee vacancies
Two vacancies currently exist on the seven-member Public Arts Commission. For more information, to inquire about the vacancies or for more information on donating funds, visit
Special meeting
The special meeting will be held at the Gilroy Recreation Department, 7351 Rosanna St. at 5:30 p.m. To download a staff report, visit

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