‘Here On The Flight Path’: A delight

Sarah Smith, playing the role of Fay, performs with Nathan Raff, playing the role of John Cummings, during a dress rehearsal for Pintello Comedy Theater's Here on the Flight Path at the Grange Hall. The play opens August 15 and runs Fridays and Saturdays

Pintello Comedy Theater’s favorite Canadian playwright Norm Foster does it again with “Here On The Flight Path,” a joyful offering that amuses and entertains at the same time. Foster has authored more than 40 plays that have been staged by professional companies in all areas with many by the Pintellos. In fact, they will be doing another
Foster play for their next presentation.
Nathan Raff and Sarah Smith give delightful performances with just right delivery for the moments presented. Whitney Pintello’s relaxed direction keeps the plot moving at just the right pace.
The story has John Cummings (an exceptional Nathan Raff) as a newly divorced guy living in an apartment with an adjoining balcony that brings in new and interesting tenants. Sarah Smith plays three different tenants with great enthusiasm and vigor. She gleefully handles all three roles, each with a marvelous difference that shows her experience and excellent hand at comedy. (Somewhere in there is a fine singing voice I would like to hear more of. And she is a fast mover since she changes wardrobe every time she leaves the stage and returns, which is constantly.)
For enjoyment and just plain fun, “Here On The Flight Path” fills the bill with well-done performances that are sure to please.