‘Cirque Dreams Holidaze’: An explosion of delight

Cirque Dreams Holidaze

“Cirque Dreams Holidaze” arrives at the Center for the Performing Arts blazing with freshness and energy. A little different than what we are use to with other productions of this kind, but nonetheless entertaining and eye catching. This is a young offering of this type of production and has a ways to go to catch up to its big brother, but it’s on its way with no holds barred.
With glorious costumes (I am told 300 a production), 20 solid acts and 30 performers giving their all for more than two hours, one has to find time to breathe as the show rolls at a runaway train pace.
A super fine juggler (one of the most difficult type of acts to do, since there is no cover if you drop something), a delightful conductor clown leading the audience in a fun filled bell ringing symphony, an amazing fashion changing act that defies the “how is that done?” question and a beautiful soaring act with the gal on points every time she touches the floor are a few of the international acts in this well-done presentation.
There is an old saying in the entertainment business: “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” And that is exactly what these fine performers deliver. There is nothing much new in this field, but a new twist and a simple new way to show the act and it becomes a moment of solid enjoyment and amazement. That’s what “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” does; they put dynamic new twists on just about everything and it works. Your attention is kept alert even in some of the less smooth spots and sometimes with too much going on at one time with music that sometimes doesn’t fit the moment and overwhelms.
For a truly bombastic evening or afternoon of absolute enjoyable fun, “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” is the answer. By all means take the kids. This is one of the few wholesome shows today and they will completely get involved with Santa and the kids performing. I really look forward to their next production.
Where: The San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, 255 Almaden Blvd., San Jose
Through: Nov. 30
For reservations and information: (408) 792-4111 or visit broadwaysanjose.com.

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