No running on CHS track until proper signage is put in place

Red Phone

Could you please try to help me get the gate opened at Christopher High School so runners/joggers can use the track during non-school hours? What’s the deal, we pay taxes! Don Christopher doesn’t own the thing, he donated it and we paid for the land, maintenance, etc. This community should support people who want to stay in shape and need the resources to do it. Running on a padded track is best for runners/joggers. It saves our knees.
Red Phone hears you, good caller, sympathizes with your joints, and wants to give you the answer you seek. Red Phone contacted Alvaro Meza, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services of the Gilroy Unified School District, about public access to the track.
The 400 meter long by eight tracks wide sport facility officially opened last September. Meza said, “It’s a new facility and we are working on getting signs up (no dogs allowed, no iron cleats, etc.), and gauging our own use of this new facility. Even our own sports teams are limiting the use of the track & field—holding practices at the other natural grass field to extend the life span of the artificial turf.
“We are getting signs up and evaluating the internal use first before we do anything else,” he said. “For example, we have seen dogs on the track—and we need to inform our community with adequate signs that dogs are not allowed, etc., before we go any further.”
When asked when the tracks will be opened to the public, Meza replied, “I wouldn’t be able to say right now. However, we know our community will want access. We need to sort the schedules out, security, signs, etc. The hope is we reach a balance and have that track for the 10 years of its useful life.”
So, good caller, we must be patient. For those who jog with their dogs, you are out of luck. Sorry!

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