Gavilan Football: Robinson inks with U of Central Oklahoma

Gavilan's Jermey Robinson, right, signs his letter of intent to play for University of Central Oklahoma alongside head coach Spencer Gilford Friday at Gavilan.

GILROY—Rams’ football player Jeremy Robinson only spent a year with the team, but it was a year that was well spent.
The Rams cornerback not only gained a scholarship, signing with the University of Central Oklahoma on Friday, but also lasting friendships. A plethora of Robinson’s teammates turned out to watch him sign his letter of intent with the Bronchos in Gavilan’s gym and congratulated the outgoing player with handshakes and hugs.
“I met some of my brothers now; we’re best friends for life,” Robinson said of his Rams teammates. “Even though our season didn’t go as planned, it was still one of the most fun seasons I’ve ever had. The team here is really a team,” he said.
The Rams finished 3-7 last season and head coach Spencer Gilford said Robinson played a pivotal role in each game. He racked up 22 tackles last season.
“We would’ve loved to have him for a second year,” Gilford said. “He was able to put us in situations where we could be successful and, of course, put himself in that same situation.”
Robinson will join a Central Oklahoma team that went 8-4 overall last season. He had several offers from other Division II schools, but said he felt a real connection with the Bronchos coaches and players.
“A lot of the coaching staff were JUCO players themselves, so they understood the situation I was in and they showed a lot of interest in me,” Robinson said.
Given the cornerback’s performance in the classroom, Gilford said he is confident he will succeed at Central Oklahoma. Robinson boasted one of his highest grade point averages, a 3.4, while at Gavilan.
“He has that drive to be successful,” the Gavilan coach said. “That’s what we want from all of our guys, so seeing that kind of effort in the classroom I know it’s going to carry over to his new school as well.”
The Bronchos are already full of talent, starting at the top with their head coach Nick Bobeck, who was named the Oklahoman State College All-Star Football Team Coach of the Year. Central Oklahoma had 25 players selected to the All-Star team. Robinson is hoping he can further strengthen the roster and is chomping at the bit to get onto the Edmond, Okla. campus.
“I feel like I made a great decision for me and my family,” he said. “I’m just happy to have a home (in Oklahoma).”
Robinson is the seventh Gavilan football player to sign with a four-year institution in this offseason and, Gilford said, he’s certainly won’t be the last to sign.
“It’s just another example of us doing what we said we were going to do, which was help these young men fulfill their dreams and be able to move on,” Gilford said.