What’s the timeline on the Hecker Pass project?

Red Phone

 I would appreciate an update on the Hecker Pass construction project. I remember an article in the Gilroy Dispatch last year before the three-year project began that gave a timeline of what was planned. Now that we’re almost through this summer’s portion of the work, I’m curious as to what to expect next. I should have saved that article so I could refer to it, but didn’t think about it at the time.

Red Phone:

Red Phone is happy to research this project, good caller. From the CALTRANS website, Red Phone found the following information. The project is called Hecker Pass Safety Improvements. The project’s objective is to prevent cross-centerline accidents along State Route 152. The work will be along SR152 at different locations near Gilroy between Pole Line Road and Watsonville Road. The project will widen and realign the highway at five locations, construct left turn lanes, add a merging lane at Watsonville Road intersection, build retaining walls, improve shoulders, and add more advisory and warning signs.


Red Phone contacted Caltrans Public Information Officer, Bernard Walik about the project for more information. Walik said the project started in July 2014.


The section of SR152 that is affected by this project is about 5 miles long. Project Mile 0.0 starts near Pole Line Road. The end of the project is near Watsonville Road at PM 5.2. Walik said, “The widening of the roadway at Project Mile 1.3 and PM 5.0, and the left turn pocket at Watsonville Road was completed in October 2014. The road widening at PM 0.2, and a portion of PM 3.0 will be completed in October 2015. The road widening at PM 1.0 and the remainder of PM 3.0 will be completed in October 2016.”


Walik anticipates the project to be finished by May 2017. In the meanwhile, Walik said, “There will be one-way signalized traffic control. The public should expect delays on Route 152 between April and October. Use alternate Route 129 to bypass Rte. 152.”