US Women’s Open symbolically tees of in Morgan Hill

Lucy Finegan of Gilroy stands with the first CordeValle Reserve Badge good for all seven days at the US Women's Open coming in July, 2016.

MORGAN HILL—People poured into downtown Morgan Hill last weekend for the Brew Crawl and stuck around for a party to celebrate the 2016 US Women’s Open coming to CordeValle next summer.
Tickets for the event officially went on sale Oct. 10 and will be available for a short time at a discounted price for those wishing to attend two or seven days of the tournament.
When the golf tournament comes to CordeValle, this will be the first time the prestigious women’s open will be played in California in 30 years.
It will also be the first professional golf tournament played at CordeValle since the Open last came in 2013.
Dee Dee Taft, spokesperson for the US Women’s Open, said locals had a great turnout to the tee off event, noting it was no coincidence that they planned it to coincide with the Brew Crawl.
“We did that that into consideration,” Taft said. “… It was great. There were a lot of people downtown. People danced and hung out. They seemed like they really had a good time.”
Lucy Finegan of Gilroy also won a reserve badge, which will be good for all seven days the tournament is in town, including the three days before the first tee and all four days of the Women’s Open.
Those who arrived at the popup park on the corner of Monterey and East Third streets, were also treated to a welcome by Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson.
Those interested in purchasing tickets before they rise in price may visit
Tickets are $70 for a two-day flex pass, $150 for all seven days and $200 for a reserve ticket.
More information is available on the women’s open website.

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