Gavilan President Kinsella announces retirement

Gavilan College President Steve Kinsella.

Gavilan College President Steve Kinsella has announced he will retire near the end of June 2016, the official announced by email.
Kinsella has been Gavilan Community College president since the fall of 2002 and has been widely influential on the college’s direction.
His retirement will come four months before the first election in which the community college district moves to a new district map. Those new district lines are intended to ensure Gavilan complies with state and federal voting laws protecting minority communities.
Kinsella wrote the email to Board President Walt Glines—who forwarded it to the press—and apparently others.
Kinsella in the email wrote the following:
“The Board has completed its work leading to a decision on new electoral districts for board members elected in 2016 and beyond. Now they will turn their attention to hiring my replacement.
“I have informed the Board of my intent to retire around June 30, 2016. I will remain flexible in the departure date in order to provide the Board ample time to complete the hiring process. More information will be available in the coming  weeks.
“It’s been a pleasure working with you all.”
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