Time to apply for Gilroy Foundation’s grant cycle

SINCE 1982, the Gilroy Foundation has awarded over $4.3 million in grants and scholarships. Foundation grants have made a positive and powerful difference in every sphere of life in the community, including:

  • Increasing the self-sufficiency of children and families.
  • Building the capacity of students to excel in school.
  • Promoting the physical, mental, and social health of all individuals.
  • Enriching the cultural life of the community.
  • Improving the environment.
  • Helping to bridge gaps in our neighborhoods.
  • Encouraging career opportunities in all trades and professions.

All prospective funding recipients who apply to the Gilroy Foundation are thoroughly researched and evaluated.
All nonprofits with a 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply for a Gilroy Foundation grant.
To apply, you must download a current Grant Application. Applications are only available in December and January.
An original application with the required attachments and seven additional copies of the grant application must be submitted to the Foundation by posted mail, postmarked no later than Friday, January 30. Hand-delivered applications can be accepted by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 30, if prior arrangements are made by phone or email.
Organizations are notified of their status by the end of March. Grants are awarded at our Annual Meeting and Charitable Giving Program in April of each year.
Please contact [email protected] for any questions about the grant application process.
All non-profit groups who receive a Gilroy Foundation grant must complete a Final Report by December 31 of the same calendar year to be eligible for future grants. This includes grants received through our competitive Grant Cycle as well as Designated Grants and Donor-Advised Grants. To download grant applications visit www.gilroyfoundation.org/receive/grants.