GHS tackles inaugural weightlifting competition

Vincent Thai

Gilroy football coach Jubenal Rodriguez started Olympic weight lift training with his team back in January.
The goal was to get his team ready for the coming season in September. And for all the good pumping the iron is for the boys, it was missing something: The competition.
“We wanted to give the kids a platform to show what they’ve learned and what hard work does,”
Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said the main goal was to give that competition just because until spring football starts, there really isn’t a good way to simulate that feeling.
“I wanted to create a competition with other schools to help build that competitive edge among the boys,” Rodriguez said.
As a result, the Gilroy football team hosted the inaugural Chuck Ogle Weight Liftoff in honor of longtime Gilroy PE teacher.
“We wanted to honor him and also show the community that the Gilroy High School football is on the rise and is back,” Rodriguez said.
It brought 80 kids from around the area, including Sobrato and Monterey with Gavilan football players  and the US Marines acting as judges for the event.
“The thing that impressed me the most was the intensity for the whole four hours. It just kept going. It was awesome to watch,” Rodriguez said.
The liftoff was broken up into six weight classes, starting at 120 pounds, going up in increments of 20 pounds through 220 pounds.
Each competitor battled through three lifts: Bench press, power clean and
back squat.
Lifters were awarded medals in each event for placing in the Top 3 based on how much weight was lifted.
Anthony Angelino took second in the 120-pound squat lifting 275 pounds. Spenser Soares (180 pounds) took first in the  power clean, with a 235-pound performance. Cisco Locsin  took second in the 200-pound power clean and second in the squat.
Justin Diaz placed at the squat, with a weight of 315 pounds. Freshman Brandon Weiler placed with a 315-pound squat in the 160-pound class. Freshman Jaeru Are placed in the squat at 140 pounds. Brandon Ortiz placed in the squat. Finally Richard Perez placed in the squat.