CCS switches track and field venue to Gilroy

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The Central Coast Section track and field prelims and finals will be held in Gilroy starting on Saturday after being moved from San Jose City College.
Construction at the cite which held the contest last year forced the move to Gilroy.
Gilroy coach Michael Sullivan said the news unexpectedly came last week when CCS called asking if they could move the finals to Gilroy.
“We got the call last Thursday asking to host them, while we were actually organizing what day this week we’re going to put all the hurdles and other stuff like the discus cage away,” Sullivan said in an email. “So it added some work but also delayed some too.its worth it to us because it’s an honor to be the site that hosts the section’s
top meet.”
The prelims will be held Saturday starting at 10 a.m. with field events and 11 a.m. for
track contests.
The section finals will be held starting at 4 p.m. on May 27 with running events kicking off at 6 p.m.
Christopher coach Jeff Myers, who is also the site director for Gilroy and was at GHS the last time the school hosted the CCS finals, said the news is exciting for kids to run in their home city.
“My athletes are ready and always perform well there (at Gilroy High School), so yes it is a little bonus having home track advantage, so to speak,” Myers said in an email. “But we still need to show up and compete!”
Sullivan agreed saying just because his athletes are competing at home won’t automatically win them events.
He added unlike in some sports where different venues offer different obsticals, track and field is pretty uniform but the kids will know the quirks of their own blocks and be familiar with the South County wind.
However, he said it will help bring out a larger Gilroy crowd who might not have been able to make the trip up to San Jose.
“It’s great for our kids competing because we will have a much larger contingent of support, more of their friends and family will be able to make it,” Sullivan said. “I know a lot of their teammates who wouldn’t have been able to go to SJCC will now be there to cheer them on.”
The meet is returing to Gilroy who had previously hosted from 2008 to  2014 before being moved to San Jose City for the 2015 track and field finals.
Sullivan said he is greatful to have Myers available to help with the organization for the meet.
“Jeff Myers … has been a big help letting us know what to focus on getting ready for the meet, potential bottlenecks and what not,” Sullivan said.
Even with not having to organize the event last year Gilroy is still very comfortable with holding a big track and field meet.
“In terms of pressure, we of course want this to be a top notch event, worthy of the sections best athletes. However, there is not nearly the work required to do this as to run the Avis Kelley, since CCS takes care of most of it,” Sullivan said.

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