Rams take a two-week break before gearing up for new the season in Sept.

Gavilan football players are getting a much-needed breather this week and next as the Rams have reached their state-imposed practice limits.
Gavilan will be off until Aug. 8 when they will get back into the weight room and practice field, building up to helmet and pad practices.
Coach Mike Dovenberg said he couldn’t be happier with how the summer went, especially with how some of the older players took leadership roles for the younger guys.
“They were committed to the process of getting better every day,” Dovenberg said.
He said though some of the players might take it upon themselves to have player-led workouts, the two weeks will be a chance to everyone to take a breath.
Dovenberg, who returned to Iowa to be with family, called these two weeks a reloading period, but hoped his kids aren’t just being lazy at home and losing what they’ve gained.
“(When we get back) we’ll find out who’s been on couch who;s been doing what they’re supposed to,” Dovenberg said.
He pointed out returning All-Conference receiver Ryan Reynolds as being among four players who have really taken the time to get the freshmen along.
Along with Reynolds, Dovenberg said he also had Billy Bennett—a former Live Oak player—Christian Fitzgerald and Gus Konadu step up to help mentor the freshmen along.
He said there is always that moment for new players who were standouts in high school to realize just what a leap it is to go to the collegiate level.
Even during spring, he said, there are guys who look a little shocked when they see 245-pound grown men heaving after a workout. But little by little, he said the players all have that realization that they can compete.
Sometimes, he said, that comes from other players offering encouragements and sometimes that comes from words from coaches.
“They just understand there is nothing they can’t handle,” Dovenberg said.
Dovenberg he had between 70 and 75 players out at the practices over the summer and expects that to grow to about 8o to 85 players when camp starts up again.
“Ideally we would like to carry 75 hardcore grinders,” Dovenberg said.
Gavilan will kickoff at home 1 p.m. Sept. 3 against San Jose City College. Home games will be played at Gilroy High School.