Photos from the First Day of School at Las Animas Elementary

First day of school 13

A lot of parents were sad to say goodbye, especially to first-day-of-school kindergarteners in four buzzing classrooms at Las Animas Elementary School. To avoid separation issues, the school discourages parents from hanging around the school or volunteering in classrooms until their children are acclimated to being away from them.
 Principal Silvia Reyes pointed out some new things prompted by talks with parents. One of them is a “buddy bench,” a place for students who have no friends yet to sit and wait to meet new people. It was suggested by a parent volunteer group. The other is a beautifully stocked room of school supplies parents have donated to teachers.
 Attendance at the school is higher than ever because of new homes in the neighborhood. Classes in fifth grade have jumped to 36 and 37 students from 32, although the “warm body count” is still pending since it’s the first day and they are figuring out who has moved in and out. There are now five first grade classes, instead of four, with 26 in each classroom.
 Parents in older grades will be able to volunteer in two weeks for Project Cornerstone, to help teachers in various ways, reading books to the students and doing activities with the kids.

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