‘Buying the Moose’ fun and fast-moving

Jayson Stebbins, Charley Gilmore, Taunya Barrera, Sandi Lewandowski are featured in the rambunctious ‘Buying the Moose,’ presented by Pintello Comedy Theater at Gilroy Grange Hall through Sept. 24.Photo: Whitney Pintello

Whitney Pintello directs this very clever bit of theater by London playwright Michael Wilmot with a bold hand and broad brush.

She has to, what with the play’s heavy, non-stop dialogue. Taunya Barrera, Charley Gilmore, Jayson Stebbins and Sandi Lewandowski offer a rambunctious fun-filled performance that goes on for almost two hours and keeps the audience giggling throughout.

The plot brings two couples into a misunderstanding moment in a study of how women and men think about the same subject, and how each in their own way handle the situation. The cast delivers a smooth performance with excellent timing.

The Grange Hall in Gilroy is nearby and is well worth a trip for an entertaining, affordable evening. A new wine is featured and available for each production. The Pintello Comedy Theatre is a family affair, with family members participating in just about every aspect of the production. You’re sure to see someone you know, a neighbor or friend out for an evening of fun and entertainment. Four productions a year are offered with love and affection.

Go, enjoy and relax—the Pintello Comedy Theatre is a local winner.

If you are one of the few in the area who hasn’t seen one of their productions, you’re missing an opportunity for an amusing, relaxing good time. The audience and the cast seem to have as much pleasure interacting with one another before, after and during the show.

Buying The Moose

The Gilroy Grange Hall, 8191 Swanston Lane, Gilroy

Performances through Sept. 24

Tickets and Details: call (408) 337-1599, or visit www.pintellocomedy.com

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