Women and Whiskey, with Bobbi Jo

NO PAIN Gian Trinidad, Therese Agnew, Ann Zyburra and Adam Sanchez sip rare whiskeys as part of a women and whiskey gathering at The Milias Restaurant.

On Monday my girl Kersty Daniels and I participated in a private event at The Milias Restaurant where women got to kick back and mingle and sample fine whiskeys.

Owners Adam Sanchez and AnnZyburra have created a few Women, Wine & Spirits Events: and this month wasWomen & Whiskey. We enjoyed the whiskey and cocktails and learning about some of the work that makes it possible from Therese Agnew, 29, of Mosswood Distillers out of Berkeley. Her whiskeys are selected from other distilleries, then brought back to their facility to be aged and blended in order to create new and unique flavor profiles.

Their current releases offer a seven-year-old light whiskey, with a mash bill high in corn, aged in used bourbon barrels. The additional cask-enhanced spirits implore subtle nuances with every sip. Every whiskey is brought to proof and bottled by hand. We sampled the Apple Brandy Whiskey that was finished in an Apple Brandy Barrel for three months. The Espresso Whisky was finished in a barrel that had 50 gallons of Espresso in a Bourbon Barrel, then taken out after just one day.

Our mixologist was Gian Trinidad from Southern Wine & Glazer Spirits. He made a drink called the Jack Rose He used the Mosswood Apple Brandy from Germain-Robin in Northern California. This complements the whisky’s notes of oak, vanilla and caramel with hints of fresh citrus and baked apple. It was paired with roasted pear and Manchego cheese, served with whiskey and orange-infused local honey. The second drink was a Roasted Espresso Old Fashioned. The whisky has notes of milk chocolate, roasted nuts, red fruits and coffee. This amazing drink was paired with coffee-infused vanilla rice pudding crème brûlée.

Gian will be participating in a mixology contest on Oct. 4at the Red Restaurant and Bar in Santa Cruz, one of nine bartenders competing from nine bars.

Okay, I am now a whiskey drinker.


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