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SIMPLE AND EASY: Dress: Forever 21, $15.00. Jacket: Forever 21, $23.00. Shoes: Sanuk, $30.00. Staple clothing item: black dress. Style in three words: simple, classic, easy.Photo: Sameera Khan

Tuesday mid-afternoon is not the typical time for shopping. Compared to the packed weekends, weekdays offer a less hectic shopping environment. With no hassle for parking spots and no mile-long lines, weekdays are the perfect time for fashionistas to do some highly efficient shopping.

Vanessa Arnreich, 19, was out for the day, searching for the iconic Michael Kors gold watch. Fortunately, the store had it on sale. She excitedly talked about how she bought the watch for much cheaper than she would have in Germany, her home country.

Arnreich is a full-time student vacationing in California. She spends around $100 monthly on clothing. Compared to Germany, she finds American stores with much more reasonable prices. Along with her Michael Kors watch, she purchased a designer bag and a pair of sunglasses at modest prices.

Her recent job experience at Hollister helped shape her taste in stores and how she shops. The store, known for its beachy apparel and denim, provided her with the knowledge to choose what jeans fit right. She put her knowledge into practice at her favorite stores, H&M and Hollister.

Alexa Jennings, 23, is a full-time student and employee at Sunglass Hut. Despite her working 40-hour weeks and taking 12 units at Gavilan College, her fashion does not falter.

Jennings avoids splurging on clothes monthly; rather, she prefers to spread her shopping throughout the year. She says “I’ll usually do little pieces here and there, so per year it’ll be about $400 to $1,000.”
Her fashion inspiration is, Nicole Richie, known for her “funky and fun style.” To find items conveying Richie’s notable style, she shops at H&M.

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