Local Politics: The Mayor has two phone banks?

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Political odds

We were a little surprised to spot Mayor Perry Woodward walking into a house on Church Street that had a big Yes on Measure H sign, knowing he was not only against the anti-growth measure, but one of its most vocal opponents.

Was he outreaching, trying to sway voters? Was he playing both side of the street?

No, he says. He was meeting with one of his volunteers who operates a phone bank in an apartment behind the Measure H house, whom he says has an icy relationship with the pro-measure H people.

Back in the apartment, he said he has a sophisticated phone service that can sort calls by age. If the person being called is over 55, they get former Mayor Don Gage’s voice on a taped call. If they are under that age, they get Perry.

He said he has a second phone operator on Potomac Place that also has a pro-measure H sign, right next to a Woodward sign. Is that a mixed message?

No, he said. Opponent Roland Velasco has his signs near Yes on H signs also, even though both mayoral candidates are against the measure.

Seats vacant

We were wondering about why two City Council candidates would miss important forums that help introduce them to the people of Gilroy and at first we suspected a conspiracy.

Former school board member Fred Tovar, who is running for council, missed the Rotary Club’s forum and one by the American Association of University Women. He’s the only candidate running who is in favor of Measure H, the ballot issue that would require residents to vote on whether they want to allow more growth in the city. Was this a conspiracy to shut out an opposing voice?

No. Tovar was invited to the Rotary, but the invitation was sent to his old GUSD address, which he doesn’t regularly check. By the time he saw it, it was too late. He also missed the AAUW because of a scheduling conflict and asked if he could meet with them on his own. He hasn’t gotten an answer yet.

As for Cat Tucker, she had a great excuse but bad timing. She was celebrating her wedding anniversary in Italy on Oct. 2 during the AAUW event. She did make it to the Rotary. Interestingly, all of the council candidates but two were against Measure H. Plumber and planning commissioner Tom Fisher said he wouldn’t take a side and Tovar is for the measure. It’s one of the trickiest and most controversial items facing Gilroy today.

Pretty in pink

Gilroy Police officers will be wearing pink patches this month to raise awareness about breast cancer. Morgan Hill officers are doing the same. It’s part of “The Pink Patch Project,”  a collaborative effort between law enforcement and public safety agencies to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer.


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