What they’re wearing

SOPHISTICATED STYLE Top: Amoretto Boutique, $30.00. Skirt: Amoretto Boutique, $50.00. Shoes: Nordstrom, $40.00. Staple clothing item: sweater. Style in three words: classy, conservative, chic.

The word “boutique” sends a message of stylish, individualized clothing. Entering a fashion boutique is akin to being transported into one of the fashion capitals of the world, where the quality, patterns and cloths used all depict the quintessence of haute couture.
Sherie Isaacs is the co-owner of Blush Boutique in Morgan Hill. Isaacs humble introduction to fashion, began at 16 as a sales associate. Since then, her “passion for fashion” continued to grow and eventually led to the opening of her boutique.
Isaacs’ career and love for style have been influenced by fashion coverage throughout the decades; starting with The Brewsters fashion in the ’80s, to the VMA’s fashion in the ’90s, and now she’s on the lookout for stylish outfits on Keeping up with the Kardashians.
Isaacs’ fashion inspiration include Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.
“They always stood out and that’s what I aim for,” she says.
Sandra Castaneda is the owner of Amoretto Boutique in downtown Gilroy. Growing up with four sisters, it is no surprise that her fondness for fashion developed at an early age. Some of her earliest memories included “browsing through the Instyle magazines and trying to find what the current fashion trends were.”
Her love of fashion, combined with the need to find a family-accommodating job, led to the opening of Amoretto Boutique. Castaneda strives to bring one-of-a-kind furniture, clothing and jewelry into her store.
Castaneda’s favorite store (Nordstrom) and fashion inspiration (Olivia Palermo) reflect her sophisticated style; both are known for their elegant upscale clothing.
Sameera Khan is a student at Gilroy Early College Academy.

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