Selling and Inspections

HOME VALUATION Appraising the home is equal parts art and science.

There are many types of inspections that require our attention when we are selling our home.
Some of them are mandatory, and some are at the discretion of the buyer or the lender who is providing financing on the home.
The two most important are the appraisal inspection and the home inspection.
The appraisal is designed to create a valuation of the home based on like-properties sold in the past three to six months. Appraising a home is equal parts science and art, as the appraiser builds value of your home to validate your sales price.
The home inspection digs deeper into the bones of the home and will point out all the issues with the house, however small, so that your buyer knows exactly what they are getting.
Of course there are other inspections as well, with the termite inspection being one of the most important. However this is not required on all loans. Roof, foundation, or structural inspections may be requested if something appears wrong or if the appraiser points out a deficiency. On some properties you may also see septic, well, pool, or other inspections unique to the property.
All designed to protect both buyer and seller in the transaction.
Jayson Stebbins is a 23-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry. Contact him at (408) 825-0220 or at