Sierra LaMar murderer sentenced to life in prison


Sierra LaMar killer Antolin Garcia Torres was sentenced Monday to life in prison for the 2012 murder. 
Here’s a statement from District Attorney Jeff Rosen.
Today, a jury decided the fate of a child murderer. I want to
spend as little amount of time as I can speaking about him. I’ll
just say this: The jury made it so that the defendant will die in
prison and never take a free breath again in his life. I thank the
jury for their service and for the justice they have brought to our
Because of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department’s hard
work and thorough investigation, because of the prosecutorial
excellence of David Boyd and Dana Veazey, the defendant will
never hurt another child, another family, or another community.
Sierra was your daughter. In the days and weeks following her
disappearance, hundreds and hundreds helped you search for her.
They are still searching. Thousands know her story – and her
smile. While Sierra was your daughter, she has become our
daughter, too. She would have been around 20 now. A young
woman looking toward a long and happy life. Perhaps, she would
be finishing up a year in college, or a shift at work, or spending
some time with her family and friends. Maybe Sierra Lamar
would simply be enjoying the day, an average weekday with no
special significance.
For us, for our community, this is a day of significance and
sadness. Yes, it is a day of justice and accountability for the
person that snatched Sierra’s future away. But, no, Sierra is not
coming home.
Human justice can hold the guilty accountable, but it cannot
resurrect the dead. There is no joy with today’s verdict, only
mourning for the murder of a child, a void that will ache forever, a
hole that will never be filled.

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