Briana Maureen Kelly October 26, 1985 – May 30, 2017

Briana Maureen Kelly October 26, 1985 - May 30, 2017

Briana Maureen Kelly, 31 years old, “Like beautiful flowers, our gorgeous daughter was too soon gone.”
Briana Maureen Kelly, resident of Morgan Hill for 27 years, died suddenly and tragically on May 30, 2017, her mother Connie’s 66th birthday.
She had the most beautiful smile, enchanting and vivacious personality, and penchant for fun-loving one could ever hope to come across. When she entered a room, everyone noticed, because it was now alight with her presence. Funny and willing to tease, she was a delight to be with (most of the time). She was an imp. One never forgot, or will ever forget, Briana.
The love of her life was Maille, her beautiful nine year old daughter. Maille misses her Mother very much! Her passion was softball and sports. She had been on a softball field since she was three, tagging along with her older sister, Erin. Softball never stopped being a key part of her life.
She has many, many friends and acquaintances from softball. Briana had just started her own part-time business coaching young girls how to play the game. She was so excited about it! She already had a number of clients who were thrilled with her, and she with them. She loved passing on her talents. She was working at a wonderful new job with a wonderful company, Sun Basket. She was very happy. As you might expect, her co-workers were already bewitched by her smile and joyfulness.
She will be desperately missed by her parents, Patric and Connie Kelly; her sister Erin and Erin’s husband, Ryan Engles; their two daughters Kelsi and Whitney Engles, whom she cherished; and, her Marine brother Colin Kelly, of whom she was so proud. She had a “My Brother Is A Marine” bumper sticker on her car. Rest with God, Sweet Girl! We will see you again ! We love you more!
Briana’s funeral will be Saturday, June 10, 2017, at the LDS Church, 1790 E. Dunne Avenue, Morgan Hill. Viewing is 10:00am to 12:30pm.
Services at 1:00pm. Celebration of Life at about 2:00pm.
Private family burial is immediately after the services.
All are welcome!

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