County seeks applications for grand jury

Every year 19 people are randomly selected from a pool of interested applicants for the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury, :to be the magnifying glass for the community into the inner workings of their local government.”

The jurors are charged with the task of investigating and reporting on the operations of local government by being given access to the agencies in Santa Clara County. These 19 volunteers and residents of the county are recruited annually by the Superior Court to dedicate time into observing, reviewing, and publishing findings and recommendations in reports on the Superior Court’s Civil Grand Jury webpage.

This watchdog group is compiled of people from different backgrounds and expertise with a goal of ensuring the governing body and its officials are working transparently with their constituents in mind.

The group must be able to pare down large topics due to the 12-month time period. The time commitment to the Civil Grand Jury may be significant.
Each group is able to decide its schedule with a majority consensus.

Grand Jurors receive a $20 daily per diem and mileage reimbursement at the federal rate when conducting grand jury business.

Persons looking for an opportunity to provide significant impact on local government are encouraged to apply. For more information about the Civil Grand Jury visit and click on the GRAND JURY link, or call (408) 882-2721 to speak with Tamara Davis, Deputy Manager, Civil Grand Jury.