Off-duty Gilroy officer suspected of DUI

GPD internal affairs investigates

Officer Geoff Guerin, from GPD, leads the Gilroy/Morgan Hill SWAT team in a 2010 file photo.

An off-duty Gilroy Police officer was arrested last week in Hollister on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Geoffrey Guerin, a veteran sergeant with Gilroy Police Department, was arrested by Hollister Police about 12:39am March 15, a spokesman for the Hollister Police Department confirmed.

Guerin was arrested after an officer made a traffic stop on the vehicle he was driving on the Highway 25 bypass near San Felipe Road, according to Hollister Police Sgt. Don Pershall.

Gilroy City Administrator Gabriel A. Gonzalez sent out a press release about the arrest, but did not list any details of the alleged DUI.

“Details and circumstances of the incident are currently under investigation by the Internal Affairs unit of the Gilroy Police Department,” reads the press release. “As in all cases, persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

The City of Gilroy also declined to release the suspect’s name.

“Owing to protections afforded public safety employees under California state law, specific details of the arrest, including the name of the off-duty officer, will not be released at this time,” reads the March 16 press release.

Guerin has worked for Gilroy Police Department since at least the 1990s, according to Gilroy Dispatch news archives. He has been assigned to the city’s gang enforcement unit and the Gilroy-Morgan Hill SWAT Team.

In 2010, Guerin was recognized by Gilroy police and the Gilroy Fire Department for saving the life of a 2-month-old infant when he responded to a medical emergency.


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  1. What is Internal Affairs investigating: the DUI charge, or what to do with the officer’s duty status while the District Attorney’s office investigates the DUI charge?

    Peace officers should be held to a higher standard of conduct, and it would be shameful if the DA’s office allows GPD to control the DUI investigation.

    Mr. Moore/Gilroy Dispatch, this is a question that needs to be asked.

  2. The DUI will be adjudicated in court. The conduct of the officer will be handled internally by the department. A DUI is a misdemeanor. He will hopefully receive help as he is a valued member of the GPD and community. Suspension, help, then back to serving and protecting our community is far more important in this situation. God Bless all the men and woman who bravely serve in this crazy, dangerous, unappreciative society.

    • “Suspension, help, then back to serving and protecting our community is far more important in this situation.”

      Is this the outcome that has been reached, or is it what you desire?

      And why is this outcome “far more important”? DUI is an egregious behavior, and is treated much too lightly by our society. A 20+ year member of a police department (of all people!) should be aware of the tremendous harm that is inherent in DUI.

      What “help” does he need to know that DUI is illegal? Does he have a drinking problem?

      To excuse this appalling criminal conduct and disgraceful lack of judgement by waving the flag of bravery and lack of appreciation is utter nonsense. Are LAW ENFORCEMENT officers to be held to a lower standard than the criminals they pursue?

      Would you excuse him for spousal abuse? “it was just one punch, nothing was broken”. “He is a loving family man, a churchgoer, active in his community, and valuable to the GPD”.

      DUI is the equivalent of discharging firearms on a public street. Would you excuse him for discharging a weapon while driving? “No one got hurt, he was just blowing off some steam”.

      DUI kills! DUI destroys families!

      How dare you even contemplate justifying his behavior as the pragmatic solution!

  3. Think of our property values, keeping an officer who drives under the influence of intoxicants on the force increases our financial liability. Not good for property values. LET’S rid ourselves of the problem.We can replace him with a less costly rookie cop. If “20 year police veteran” and “drunk driver” are both applicable to this man, then morally and pragmatically we must fire him.

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