Letters: John Hirokawa for Sheriff

Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. None of these words appeared in this newspaper’s May 3 editorial. In their place, Laurie Smith is referenced fourteen times. No other phrase appears more often, not even close.

Nowhere in the editorial did this newspaper mention John Hirokawa’s nearly four decades of distinguished law enforcement experience serving and protecting the people of South County. No mention was made of Hirokawa’s universal support from law enforcement groups, including the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Santa Clara County, the Peace Officers Research Association of California, Gilroy Police Officers’ Association, and over 80 career law enforcement individuals and organizations.

That should tell you everything you need to know when this newspaper mentions John Hirokawa’s readiness.

This newspaper just can’t see the safety of South County residents for all it’s Laurie Smith’s.

Fortunately, South County voters read past this propaganda. In the 2014 election, I was honored to receive the support of a majority of South County voters despite similar efforts to distort the truth.

The truth is that Smith has fought reforms every step of the way. As of April 2018, she paid an out-of-state consultant nearly $75,000 of taxpayer funds for a biased report that undermined independent oversight of the county jails.

I ask South County to join the chorus of law enforcement and community members supporting John Hirokawa for a safer Santa Clara County. This group includes myself, retired Sheriff Bob Winter,and retired Judge Ladoris Cordell. Cordell advocated for a change in leadership alongside the Blue Ribbon Commission in response to the 2015 murder of a mentally disabled inmate.

Vote for John Hirokawa for Sheriff to restore honesty, integrity, and transparency to our county’s top law enforcement job.

Kevin Jensen, Retired Sheriff’s Captain
John Hirokawa for Sheriff