App helps report illegal fireworks

Gilroy Police will monitor app night of July 4

With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, the Gilroy Police Department announced it is partnering with the developer of a smartphone application that makes it easier for residents to report illegal fireworks in their neighborhoods.

The app is called FOREalert, and it allows for real-time, instant communication with Gilroy Police officers who are assigned to work illegal fireworks enforcement, according to a press release from GPD.

Residents can download the free app and use it to report illegal fireworks between 6pm and midnight July 4. The application will be monitored only during this time, according to police.

Citizens have the option to provide their contact information or stay completely anonymous, the press release noted. No registration, login or contact information is required to use the app.

The app can be downloaded at the app store for iOS and Android devices. Location services must be turned on to use the FOREalert app.

The process is simple: Residents who see a nearby launch or explosion can report it using FOREalert’s reporting mode. FOREalert uses your device’s GPS to access your general location and elevation. The app allows you to add information to help the officers pinpoint where the violation is occurring, such as an address or general description of the area.
The more information provided, the better chance the police can take enforcement action, according to authorities. Once you report (by touching the Fireworks icon) and push send, a message with a general location, along with any additional information provided by the user, goes directly to the city’s fireworks team.

The only fireworks permitted in the city limits are “safe and sane” fireworks found at approved kiosks throughout town (see related story on page 1).

Citizens can still report illegal fireworks by calling 911 for emergencies and (408) 846-0350 non-emergencies. The app is the preferred method of reporting fireworks.


  1. It would be an even better app if it allowed you to submit an issue instead of telling you to call the local police.

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