Understand city finance

The General Election is just a few months away, and voters in Gilroy have a number of candidates to consider for the all-important positions on the City Council.  Of all the layers of government, your voice on the local level has the most impact and makes the biggest difference. That is why it is so important to vote, and that is why is extremely important to vote for the right candidate.

That is why you see my name endorsing Marie Blankley for City Council.  Marie understands her community. She has served on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Executive Board as treasurer, she served on the City of Gilroy Planning Commission and has served on many community-based organizations.  She is approachable because she is a community leader, a community supporter and a community advocate.

Marie understands finance. With the projection of diminishing revenues and growing expenditures for the City of Gilroy, your community needs someone on the City Council who understands fiscal policy and who will make decisions for the future financial health of Gilroy.

I have known Marie Blankley for three decades. She is fair, articulate, smart and has always demonstrated a passion to serve the community she loves—Gilroy.  Please join me in supporting Marie Blankley for City Council.

Susan Valenta, former President/CEO Gilroy Chamber of Commerce