11 proposals will crowd state ballots

In addition to the long list of contests for state and local offices, plus county and city ballot measures, Californians also will be asked to vote on 11 state propositions and bond measures on a wide range of issues.

One proposal, known as Proposition 9, to divide California into three separate states, was knocked off the ballot in July by the California Supreme Court.

Here are the details:

Housing Bond, Proposition 1

Authorizes the state to issue $4 billion in bonds for the construction of low-income housing.

Homeless Bond, Proposition 2

In 2016, the legislature approved a $2 billion bond to fund new housing for homeless Californians, using money from a tax on millionaires.

Water Bond, Proposition 3

New bonds authorize an additional $8.9 billion for drinking and waste water treatment, groundwater sustainability and conservation programs.

Children’s Hospital Bond, Proposition 4

This measure would allow the state to issue $1.5 billion in bonds to fund improvements at the state’s 13 children’s hospitals, as well as other hospitals that serve children in California.

Expand Proposition 13, Proposition 5

Prop. 13, approved in 1978, rolled back property taxes and placed a cap on annual property tax increases until a property was sold. This measure, backed by the California Association of Realtors, would allow some homeowners to take their existing tax savings with them to the new property they buy.

Gas Tax Repeal, Proposition 6

New legislation increased California’s gas tax and vehicle fees to fund transportation improvements. Republicans launched an effort to place a repeal of the tax on the ballot.

Year-round Daylight Saving Time, Proposition 7

If the measure passes, California could have year-round Daylight Savings Time.

Dialysis Regulations Proposition 8

This measure that would cap the profits of companies providing dialysis, or blood filtering, for patients with kidney failure.

Rent Control, Proposition 10

This measure would free California cities to expand rent control.

On-Call Breaks for Paramedics and EMTs, Proposition 11

This measure requires private-sector EMT workers and paramedics to remain on-call throughout their work day.

Farm Animal Confinement, Proposition 12

The proposition would ban the sale of meat and eggs from veal, breeding-pigs and egg-laying hens unless the animal’s enclosures met specific square-footage requirements.


  1. Sadly, millions of farm animals are raised in cages so small they can barely move. California’s Prop 12 would grant cage-free housing and improved space requirements for baby veal calves, mother pigs, and egg-laying hens. This proposition would also improve public health by reducing the risk of food safety threats like Salmonella, a bacteria that thrives in cage housing and causes millions of Americans to become ill every year. Prop 12 is such a win-win for animals and people that over 500 California veterinarians, California family farmers and animal shelters, as well as food safety groups, animal protection charities, and environmental organizations endorse a Yes! on Prop 12. By voting YES on Prop 12 in November, we can protect farm animals and improve food safety.

  2. Proposition 12 is an outright scam.

    This measure was co-written by United Egg Producers and would explicitly legalize cruel battery cages in California until at least 2022. And it would forever confine hens inside massive factory farms that restrict hens to only one square foot floor space per bird!

    No one should fall for HSUS’s bogus claims that this it will regulate the sale and production of veal and pork from other states. That cynical and constitutionally flawed window dressing will never survive the inevitable years of legal challenges. It was only inserted into the initiative to distract from its massive sell-out to the egg industry.

    Find out why Californians Against Cruelty, Cages, and Fraud, the Humane Farming Association (HFA), Friends of Animals (FoA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and many others are strongly opposing the measure. Please visit the No on Proposition 12 website.

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