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Gilroy, CA
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Brad Kava

Brad Kava is a longtime journalist and social media enthusiast.

Gilroy’s exotic Oaxacan market and restaurant serves rare specialties

Oaxaca is thought to be the gourmet food capital of Mexico, with dishes that mix food from the native tribes surrounding one of the country’s southernmost states with colonial Spanish-style cooking.

Embarrassed family says Gilroy Gardens taking positive steps

The mother of a boy with a rare, non-contagious disease who was kicked out of the pool at Gilroy Gardens, said she’s happy and positive after meeting with the park’s general manager.

Boy with rare condition mistreated at Gilroy Gardens Water Oasis, family says

The mother of a Gilroy boy with a rare, non contagious disease that creates patches on his skin, took to Facebook to complain that the boy was accosted by security at Gilroy Gardens theme park when he was using the water park there Sunday.

Gilroyan’s Guide to Sudoku, a hit

Marvin Thomas’s whole life has been spent putting together complex puzzles. He owned Thomas Appliance Service, where he fixed the most intricate, challenging and stubborn refrigerators, stoves, washers dryers, dishwashers and sub zero freezers—to name a few of the machines that are dread of even the most skilled home repairmen.

Family traumatized by false arrest

Kristy Hoenck, 36, was sleeping in her south Gilroy Spanish-style home on a quiet cul-de-sac when she heard her Ring doorbell alert going off and saw a video showing two shadows next to her cars in the driveway. She had just had surgery that day and was still dazed from anesthesia.

The circus is in town

Jose Dominguez, 25, spent the two hottest days of the year this week putting up a giant castle-shaped circus tent across from auto row in Gilroy. He’ll spend the weekend riding a bicycle across a 50-foot-high tightrope..

Family of murdered former Gilroy man seeks help

The family of a Jose Mireles, a former Gilroy man who was shot to death in Merced in front of his three children, has set up a Go Fund Me site for expenses at https://www.gofundme.com/3pt1l6g

Inside Gilroy’s clock tower

Gilroy’s centerpiece town clock is now right more than two times a day.

Longtime body shop changes hands

Mark Mathison was painting and restoring his last two cars this week, an orange 1970 Volkswagen Beetle and a red 1928 Model A Speedster. He’s sold Mathison Auto Body at 7350 Railroad Ave. after 37 years there.

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