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Gilroy, CA
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Gilroy artist, Karah Karpinski, 37, got her creative side from her mother, Cindy and drive to succeed from her father, Paul. “I’ve always loved to draw and paint since I was little,” said Karpinski, who started painting murals on friends’ walls - everything from portraits to three dimensional murals and cartoon characters. You can see her latest creation outside Robot Shark at 7454 Monterey Street in downtown Gilroy. “I’m just beginning to explore new ideas and getting my artwork onto business’ floors and walls. It’s called illusion or 3-D murals. I do it all free-hand.” Reach Karah at [email protected]

Burning for you

All marriages have their struggles, but women whose husbands are running toward flaming danger while everyone else is running away face special struggles.

Miss Violet O’Possum

By Colleen Grzan

Remembering the past

I recently came across a envelope full of old photos of my mom when she was a child. A relative had sent them to me after she passed away, and I guess I was not ready to look at them at the time. Now I see in the photos a beautiful child posing in front of a quaint south Boston brownstone, alongside relatives or friends whose faces I do not recognize. I remember my Irish family members as so much older than the folks pictured there. They were all characters who loved to sip whiskey and sing songs of the old country, but you would never know that looking at their stern, stiff expressions in the photos. I wonder what they were doing and saying just before the photos were taken, and I wish their names were listed on the backs. It would help me distinguish between my endless relatives named Mary.

Baby it’s kale outside

A number of years ago I was on a tour of Highgrove Royal Gardens in England. At this, the private residence of Their Royal Highness, we marveled at the beautiful hostas and ooohed and aaahed over the meadows of wildflowers. It was all quite stunning, my dears. And at the end of the tour guide slowed her pace. She lowered her voice nearly to a whisper as she announced “And here … we have … the California Wild Lilac!” Sounds of delight and awe rippled through our tour group. My colleague and I exchanged quick glances—so much build up for a native California plant that we routinely fly by on the highway without a second thought (no booing here, I truly love our hardworking ceanothus). And I couldn’t help but think about how much coddling and care must go into keeping that Mediterranean climate-loving shrub happy so far from its native soil.
It took 160 hours of training for a 7 ½ minute improvement. To set a personal-record (PR) at the California International Marathon (CIM) in Sacramento on Dec. 4, I had to train harder than ever. That meant running 60 miles a week, six days a week (Sunday was my lone day off). My "recovery" runs were anywhere from 7 to 8 miles.

From dawn til dusk

The mood went from dawn to dusk, a collection of contemporary paintings spanning the brilliance of an entire day in Monterey.

Committed to Fitness

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means one thing is certain in the fitness industry: more new members sign up in January than in any other month of the year.

Sushi roll en español

Aaron Rodriguez was selling sushi out of his house while he was still in high school. He was building a business and clientele before most kids even entertain the thought of culinary school. Rodriguez, 20, says it was the support of his clients that encouraged him to pursue being a chef.

Ring in the New Year

As the whirlwind year of 2016 finally comes to a close, we’ve been witness to an impressive series of monumental happenings in world history, sports, entertainment and of course politics. For those that have been too caught up to make plans to ring in the New Year, here’s a list of local events to raise a glass for “Auld Lang Syne.”