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Gilroy, CA
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Gavilan College announced self-imposed sanctions this week after recruiting and benefits violations came to light, leading to 17 football players’ dismissal in August.
The Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove is huge—with nine stories, 603 rooms, a full water park, seven restaurants, an arcade, shops, animatronics and a hotel-wide interaction action-adventure video game.
Gilroy city officials visited the Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California and days later a representative from the national water park hotel group came to Gilroy seeking feedback from locals.
When Colin Martin drives around Gilroy he sees, hears and feels things no one else in his family knows about.

What about this blighted house?

Dear Red Phone:
Within minutes, the mind wanders off to distant forests and worries melt away, if only for a while. Dawn Culp at The Zen Room, may have the cure for the work-a-day blues. And for a reasonable price too.
It was Mastocytosis Awareness Day Sunday at Gilroy Gardens and Wyatt Catalano’s message about the non-contagious disease was simple, "spots are beautiful." What led to the special day wasn’t so special though.
The Veterans Memorial at Christmas Hill Park honors Gilroyans who have served the country, but space for the commemorative bricks is running out.
Gavilan College removed 17 out-of-state football players—all but one of them African American—from the team and campus last week, claiming the athletes had received prohibited transportation, housing and food benefits and were improperly recruited.
It was already a long week. Working a 96-hour shift as a firefighter in extreme heat, away from home, away from family, can be draining. But when the bell rings, tired or not, members of the Gilroy Fire Department are on the job.

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