Orchard Valley Youth Soccer League Jamboree

Champions decided in season-ending tournament.

Mission Valley Ford Truck Thrashers 1

Yellowjackets 1

HIGHLIGHTS: The players were pumped up to play their first game of the two-day tournament held this weekend. Brad Speno and Kevin Jones played exceptional defense in front of Thrashers goalie Sterling Montgomery. Combined efforts of the three players kept it a scoreless half at their end of the field. Despite the great defensive efforts from Ryan Rangel and Miller Menzie of the Thrashers, the Yellowjackets were first to score, early in the second half. Thrashers forward Kevin Jones showed great persistence in coming back to tie the score with a late strike.

Mission Valley Ford Truck Thrashers 5

Yodas 3

HIGHLIGHTS: Ty Gardner of the Yodas had the first goal of the game. Thrashers goalie Sterling Montgomery – along with the defense of Brad Speno and Kevin Jones – stepped up and stopped any other scoring attempts in the first half. Miller Menzie then came back to get the first goal for the Thrashers. Yodas goalie Kyle Quadros gave up two more goals during the first half, both by Jason Struzik with an assist from Kevin Jones. The Yodas came on strong to open the second half with Kyle Vandenbrandhonrninge sliding in score number two. A third

goal from Nathaniel Ramerez had the Thrashers making changes in their line up. Miller Menzie and Kevin Jones each found the back of the net and goalie Ryan Rangel made outstanding saves for the Thrashers – which finished in second place.


Goldsmith Seeds Purple Pythons 1

Sakata Seeds 2

HIGHLIGHTS: Alex Rose scored the lone goal for the Pythons as they battled in a close game. Excellent defense by Erin Chisolm and Krysta Diego helped Goldsmith stay close. Alison Green played excellent throughout the game to help the Pythons stay close.

Goldsmith Seeds Purple Pythons 1

American Girls 0

HIGHLIGHTS: Chelsea Hill scored the only goal of the game to lead the Purple Pythons to their only win of the Jamboree. Excellent defense by Adrianna Gutierrez, Stacy Lammers, and Giordan Rojas helped secure the win. The Purple Pythons notched their eight shutout of the year in a close game.

Goldsmith Seeds Purple Pythons 0

Blue Dolphins 0

HIGHLIGHTS: Goldsmith Seeds held off the Blue Dolphins and attacked the goal numerous times in a hard-fought game. Excellent defense by Stacy Lammers, Tayler Schaut, Laura Steele, and Sami Trip helped the Pythons throughout the game. It was the ninth shutout for

the Purple Pythons.


Art’s Sheet Metal Dragons 2

Grey Ghosts 1

Art’s Sheet Metal Dragons 3

Blue Knights 3

Art’s Sheet Metal Dragons 3

Earthquakes 2

HIGHLIGHTS: In three very close games the boys showed how much they’ve learned this season by playing in sync as a team. The goalies, Dalton Campbell and Michael Pirnik, were assisted by fullbacks Devon Castaneda, Kyle Wanslow, Gary Dickson, and Dakota Cornelius, who put up a strong defense. Joseph Chizanskos, Zack Carbonneau, Allen Cooper, Kris Dipko, Chris Catanzaro, and Tanner Holland played together to keep the pressure on the opposing teams and score some goals. In their final victory, Kris Dipko scored on a penalty shot in the to seal the championship.


Blue Crush 2

Dragons 3

HIGHLIGHTS: The offense of Arianna Vera, Sarah Block, Petra Halbur and Connie Rodriguez drove the ball down field so that Marina Cathers could score the first goal for the Crush. Kelsey Ramirez, Porsha Lowe, Grace Grant, and Cassie Steward worked hard to keep the Dragons out of the zone. The second Crush goal was scored by Kim Johnson with an assist from Bianca Catanzaro.

Blue Crush 2

Pythons 0

HIGHLIGHTS: It was a Crush shut out with a goal scored by Arianna Vera, assisted by Sarah Block and the second goal, unassisted, scored by Sarah Block. The Crush defense of Kelsey Ramirez, Porsha Lowe, Cassie Steward, and Anna Sowles did a great job of keeping the Pythons away from the net.

Blue Crush 0

Red Flash 1

HIGHLIGHTS: The Crush offense of Kayla Elliot, Marilyn Florek, Connie Rodriguez, Kim Westbrook, Sarah Block and Marina Cathers did their best to score. The Crush hit the crossbar twice and had numerous shots on goal but could not get the ball in the net. The Crush defense of Kim Johnson, Anna Sowles, and Kelsey Ramirez worked hard to keep the Red Flash at bay and only allowed one goal to slip by.


Timberwolves 3

Demons 1

Timberwolves 2

Black Lions 1

Timberwolves 4

Orange Flames 0

Timberwolves 2

Earthquakes 1

HIGHLIGHTS: All season long the Wolves were dominating on offense – scoring 51 goals in 12 games. Justin Wheat, Roy Oneto, Emmanuel Aceves, Adan Arredondo, Henry Meier, William Headley, and Matt Davis did an outstanding job all season up front controlling the ball. Supporting at midfield were Ben Vega, Max Perkins, Tyler Hill, Matt Elston, Thomas O’Mara and Timothy Sterner. James “Junior” Camacho, Michael Chrisman, Ricky Meyer and goalie Jonathan Higgins were ferrocious and stingy at defense only giving up nine goals in 12 games. The Timberwolves finished the season with an undefeated record of 12-0.


Pipkin Racing’s Team America 1

Rangers 1

HIGHLIGHTS: Jonathan Grifall scored the lone goal for Pipkin Racing. Matt Hemeon, Nick Blackwell, and Xydeco Xydes turned back many a Ranger attack.

Pipkin Racing’s Team America 2

Bulldogs 3

HIGHLIGHTS: Hector Salgado scored a pair for Team America.

Pipkin Racing’s Team America 7

Quakes 0

HIGHLIGHTS: Team America was unstoppable. Nick Blackwell, Bernard Salgado, Alan Hoshida, and Hector Salgado all had beautiful first-half goals. John Grifall, Christian Haro, Nicholas Xydes, and Maarten Kerstens were all over the field, making many key plays. Alex Smithee, Brian Hentschke, and John Pipkin each added a score in the second half. The defensive power of Henry Phan, Matt Hemeon, and Xydeco Xydes, helped goalies Hentschke and Edgar Hernandez preserve the shutout.