From the Edge: Random thoughts

Too many ideas, too little space
Too much stuff to talk about this week. Too many ideas.

When faced with this dilemma in the past, I’ve usually just stuffed all my thoughts into one mega, somewhat-incoherent column.

And that’s happened again, my loyal readers. Please accept my apologies in advance …

Random Thought No. 1

I have to respectfully disagree with my fellow columnist Jim Johnson, who panned the hiring of Mike Nolan in this paper a few days ago. I’ve just never been much into this recycle-a-coach program. Forget Mike Holmgren. He’s too busy trying to figure out why he has yet to coax a playoff win out of a costly, talent-rich Seahawks roster.

What’s wrong with giving lifelong assistant coaches a shot? Think Carolina regrets hiring John Fox? Think the Ravens dread the day they took a chance on Brian Billick? What about longtime assistants Jim Mora Jr. (Atlanta) and Andy Reid (Philly)? Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure those two are going to be on your TV at some point this Sunday.

Give Nolan a shot, Niner fans. As long as the good Doctor stays out of the way and lets his new coach run the show, I really do believe some of the ol’ glory can be restored within a few years. In the meantime …

Random Thought No. 2

Got the Bay Area sports blues in this winter of discontent? Bummed out about your no-go Sharks or your no-show Cal basketball team or your no-way-do-they-still-exist Warriors? Well, leave it up to your favorite area sports columnist to recommend a few other options.

What’s that, boss? OK, I’m being told Ann Killion is not available. I guess I’ll have to take this thing.

My advice? First and foremost, go get some new favorite teams. But if that’s not an option – and who knows, maybe you’re just a huge fan of top-10 draft picks – here are a few recommendations:

nGo see the Stanford women’s basketball team. No, really. I’m serious. On a day full of playoff football, I spent last Saturday afternoon observing the fourth-ranked Cardinal – and I got there in under 40 minutes. Just a fun team to watch. And a beautiful, newly renovated Maples Pavilion to watch it in.

nGo see a Warriors game. But not for the home team. The league’s best and brightest usually make at least one appearance at The Coliseum No One Knows What to Name. In fact, a buddy and I are venturing to Oakland tonight to see LeBron and the Cavs. The Warriors may or may not play. Who knows. Who cares.

nGo see the GHS wrestlers or the GHS girls’ soccer team. You don’t even have to leave home to see this story develop. It’s a tale of two teams, really. The back-to-back CCS champion wrestlers, who are just ridiculously good, host the mid-Cals next weekend. If you prefer David over Goliath, though, check out the soccer squad. These girls won one game last season – and that was over something called Latino Prep. They went 0-10 in league and scored just three goals. This year? They’re 11-4-1 and right in the thick of the TCAL race. A rematch with Hollister takes place Tuesday at 5:30. Mustang Stadium. Be there. Show our little Gonzagas some love.

Random Thought No. 3

One day someone is going to have to explain to me the response over Matt Leinart’s decision to stay in college for one more season. I guess I just don’t get it. You’d think the kid just voluntarily signed up for a fourth year at San Quentin.

Being a Tennessee fan, I seem to recall a certain quarterback saying very similar things the day he announced he was coming back for his senior season. He enjoyed the college experience. He enjoyed being his around his pals. He enjoyed the pomp and pageantry of college football, and simply wanted to soak it up for as long as he could.

Yet he was ripped for it by many, just as Leinart is these days. How could someone pass up the almost-guaranteed honor of being the No. 1 pick in the draft? How could someone risk injury before that big signing bonus kicked in? How could someone waste another year in the classroom when he could be making millions in the pros?


It was all ridiculous then, and it’s all ridiculous now. You know who that quarterback was? It was a chap by the name of Peyton Manning. You might of heard of him. Aside from those unfortunate winter trips to New England, he’s done all right for himself. Think he broke some all-time touchdown record or something.

So please, can we stop calling Leinart the village idiot for staying in school one more year? Aren’t you the same people that rip on freshmen and sophomores for going pro early, claiming they’re hurting the game and themselves by choosing big money over more education? You guys probably need to pick a side.

Leinart took a close look at his friends and at the NFL and decided to take a rain check on the latter. Quite refreshing if you ask me. Besides, how many among us wouldn’t hop in the time machine immediately if given the free-of-charge chance to spend one more year partying it up with our college buds, especially if it came with the added bonus of being the unquestioned Big Man on Campus?

That’s what I thought.

– Brett Edgerton is a columnist for South Valley Newspapers. You can send him your random thoughts at [email protected]