Red Phone

Postal problems

“I have another postal delivery problem. I need to figure out what to do when the postman is threatening not to deliver my mail because the city tree is getting too long. It’s not even covering the mailbox on the side, yet he said, ‘Trim your tree or the mail might be undeliverable.’ I’m kind of at a loss of what to do. It’s not my tree, it’s the city’s tree and I don’t think they can threaten me like that about my mail. I’m going to call the post office and see what I can do, but I just thought I’d let Gilroy know. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

The Red Phone hopes your call to the post office cleared up your issues, but if not, read on.

Since it doesn’t have enough information, all the Red Phone can do is offer a phone number that might bring you some resolution, if you haven’t found it already. It suggests giving the City of Gilroy’s Operations Department a call at 846-0444. They might be able to be of service, as this is the department that maintains landscaping and often clears up issues – including problems with city owned trees that may need a little pruning. Good luck.

Thanks Don

“I just wanted to say that most of us in the south county area who live in the unincorporated area, should thank Don Gage for solving temporarily the problem of the animal shelter and finding the funds. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Thanks for the call. You’ve joined another caller or two who have offered their thanks in previous columns.

Shame, shame

“I have a comment on Glen Loma and the school site. Glen Loma should be ashamed of themselves for not either donating the parcel back to the school district or selling it back for what they bought it for originally. Otherwise they should have been required to donate enough land to build a school since it’s going in the middle of their high-priced home development. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Your comment has been heard, good caller.

For those who may have not caught the most recent news on the Gilroy Unified School District and the Glen Loma Group, a California court will now decide how much the district will pay Glen Loma for the 10-acre site. The price tag could be more than $5 million.

See the article, ‘How Much for New School?,’ at

Busted bank ad

“Hello Red Phone. I’m just calling your attention to the Community Bank ad that’s been running that’s announcing Deanna Franklin joining the team, if you’ve noticed that. It’s been running the last couple days and maybe nobody’s noticed it but me. But I’d take that out immediately. I tried to call Deanna Franklin to bring it to her attention and it’s not even the right phone number for her. Anyway, just wanted to bring that to your attention. Thanks.”

Red Phone:

The Red Phone noticed it too. It checked with a production crew member, who said the ad was sent in as ‘camera-ready,’ which basically means ready to go. On the screen, the ad looked perfect, but once it went to print, something happened in the process and it became jumbled. The second time it ran, production made some changes to ‘fix’ the problem. Again, it appeared fine until it went through the printing process.

If you noticed in Friday’s edition, the ad is now fixed. As for the phone, the production manager said the company sent the incorrect number, and that has been corrected as well.

Third time’s a charm.